Some items that have only earned Cheryl
the highest respect that anyone could earn.

Although these items might not prove anything, they do show why there has been so much respect for Cheryl Wingert. The listed items start out with just little odds and ends but turn into things that can't be denied.

1. Less than 3 days after I moved to this area, Cheryl started a conversation with me while we were both getting things out of our lockers.

2. Although Cheryl walked around with a frown on her face, when she'd walk into 10th grade English class she'd look at me and occasionally put a smile on her face.

3. Once during English class the boy next to me tried to make a smart remark about me and Cheryl jumped back at him. I thought it was kind of strange to see Cheryl act this way, so I asked the boy next to me what happened and he said that she was sticking up for me.

4. Since Cheryl and I both had last names that started with WI we ended up sitting next to each other in a few different classes and she was always willing to talk to me before class.

5. In 11th grade English Class Cheryl ended up sitting where she could see me without turning around. I thought nothing of it until I noticed that she was sitting like a guy sits and when I looked back at myself I was sitting that way. Further test made me come to the conclusion that she was copying my sitting positions. The line I've heard my mother say then came into play, it was:


She didn't have to know what she was doing to do the following:

6. Not only was she copying my sitting positions but 4 days out of the week she'd wear the exact same outfit I had worn the previous day! That meant that she copied most my entire wardrobe. This happened most in 11th grade.

7. Walking to class occasionally she'd bump into me, I'd think nothing of this until I was bumped into a second time only to turn and see her talking to one of her girlfriends smiling from ear to ear. Each time she'd run into me she'd do it a second time just like she was saying the first time was no accident.

8. If she were walking behind me, and I'd turn around, I'd find that she was on the exact same step that I was on. It was like she was saying she had her attention on me.

9. If you've ever seen a cats eyes when it sees food the black part of their eyes get real big. Although this will also happen when a cat sees a dog there are other signs to indicate weather it's fear or interest. Cheryl was consistent at this. This is why it was so neat to watch her eyes over any other part of her. Her eyes would say WOW and then she'd end up smiling. Ugh, this part of her can't be replaced very easily, and can't be faked by anyone.

The next few items are not Kinesics, but they were added to this list, since this was used as an exhibit when Cheryl's Mother tried to bring charges against me.

10. I was wrapped up in her pretty bad at this time, I hated it, she was so small and to have so much of my attention it got to me. I ended up hating, hearing her name out loud.  The strange thing was she was saying "She hated the sound of my name."  It looked, to me, like whatever it was, effected both of us about the same.  Beverly, the mother, had a lot of fun teasing Cheryl about that.

11. When Ed Rusk wanted to kill me the most, his words were "I don't even know your last name." Knowing how cruel Beverly could be, this was a quite impressive act for Cheryl to do.

12. When I asked Cheryl just what she wanted me to do, whether it was OK for me to keep calling or not she didn't give me an answer. The answer came after Beverly accused me of harassing her at work, then Cheryl's only complaint was I was upsetting her mother. She made it very obvious that Beverly was twisting her arm to get her to say this!

13. Although Cheryl is doing her best to act like her mother, there was ONE major difference. She couldn't there was NO way Cheryl could ever hang up the phone on me without giving me a chance to talk. On top of that she was always very polite at the end of the phone call and end say my name. I was really taken by this as small as it seemed to be, everything has to start somewhere.

14. Cheryl would not let her mom know that we had been talking practically every Sunday for 3 months. It was most confusing for me, she'd talk one week and next week cold as ice. Hot and cold, hot and cold. This indicated to me she was being torn by something, there has never been any reason why she should be so cold toward me. She's been given the ultimate in respect and she knew it. I never pressured her and if I did ask her out and she said no I was actually happier because I'm really terrified that she might frown at me for some strange reason.