Overprotective Mother

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Beverly Rusk is the over protective mother in this story.  She was liked by a lot of people that she worked with at the Courthouse but her denial of certain facts, lack of knowledge of a Love-Triangle,  Kinesics and Cholesteatoma has left her adding to the lies of a 14 year old "Middle Man" that were started in 1973.

The purpose of this site is to prove that everything Beverly Rusk has used the courts for to prevent me from answering her daughter's questions was malicious because it was based on "Tainted Evidence."

For a list of Judges and Attorneys that allowed themselves to be manipulated either directly by the false statements of Beverly Rusk or indirectly by someone else that had already been manipulated see:

When I first moved to Illinois, in early 1971, the middle of 9th grade, I was a nervous wreck.   My counselor took me around to meet all my teachers and I found out later, from one of my neighbors, that the teacher I had for band, took the other people in the clarinet section and told them about a "New person" starting school, on second semester, and he was so shy he might need some help.

There was a girl in the Clarinet Section named Tina, who was good friends with Beverly's daughter, Cheryl,  that was in the flute section.  It was obvious that they had talked and they continued to talk a lot when we were Seniors.  I think it was my very first day of School, but Cheryl made an effort to talk to me when we were at our lockers.

I remember thinking "Older" because normally it was just the younger girls that would talk to me first.  I also remember thinking, she must be insecure also, or she wouldn't have been so willing to talk to me.

She felt sorry for me, and I felt sorry for her.  We ended up with classes together and after being on talking terms with her for over 2 years, I noticed some things about her and ended up with a list of them at: http://OverProtectiveMother.com/NineItems.htm

It really didn't matter to me, if they were right or wrong, only that I wanted some way to tell Cheryl Wingert, Beverly Rusk's daughter, that I was interested in her, then see what happened from there.

As a side note, there is an interesting link on askmen.com.  The link is titled: "Signs She's Flirting With You" and can be found at:

 The most interesting part of the URL on askmen.com,  is on the second page of the article where it states:

A less direct way is if she mirrors your body language, which is something women do subconsciously. When you lean in, she leans in. When you rest your elbows on the table, she does the same. Duplicating your actions is her way of showing you that she's "in-synch" with you.

Looking around a bit, in October 2006, I found another site that supports items I noticed in 1973.

At the end of 11th grade, I was way too shy to talk to Cheryl for myself, because I was dealing with Cholesteatoma.  We no longer sat next to each other in any of our classes, so I ended up getting a Middle Man, Donny, involved.  I never told this "Middle Man" the items, I'd noticed that said Cheryl might have an interest in me, because Cheryl might put an end to them.

During the Summer, between 11th and 12th grades, we all three had Summer Band.  One day, while I was working at the Bookstore at the High School, I saw Cheryl and Tina walk by.  Cheryl was grinning from ear to ear and I thought, gee that was nice, but I wonder what she was doing in the Library (The Library was just down the hall from the Bookstore).  Later I found out that Donny had told her where I worked, before she came by.  To this day, I still think of Cheryl, in that hallway, when I hear the song by the Beatles, "She Loves You."

Our band ended up taking a trip to Canada.  Donny and Cheryl were on bus #2, I was on bus #3.  On that trip, in the bus, Cheryl asked Donny, a few times why I was interested in her.  Donny, himself developed in interest in Cheryl himself and started making me look like crap.  This is where the "Love Triangle" comes in.  He figured out real quick, he would get a strong reaction from Cheryl, if he made it sound like I had no respect for her insecurities.  I never thought Cheryl would believe him, but Cheryl's mother took the stories, that Cheryl repeated to her, and even added some of her own stories to them.

I felt very bad after Donny told Cheryl so much crap about me, because I was the one that got him involved to start with.  Cheryl was no longer comfortable at school.  I think she only wore a dress one time in 12th grade and even on that day, she walked like she was mad.  Through the years, all I wanted to do was give Cheryl the correct answer to the questions she had asked Donny.

When we were Seniors, and because some people I worked with at a drugstore helped me out, I ended up going with a girl that sat next to Tina in "Health Occupations" class.  They would talk, Tina would then tell Cheryl was was said, Cheryl would tell Donny what was said and then Donny would then tell me.  If Cheryl was not interested in me, she sure knew a lot about me through the grape vine.

While the Nine Items used earlier originally contained 19 items I removed a lot of them because I felt the ones left proved my point.

I will bring up one of the items removed from my original list now.  One of the things I liked most about Cheryl is how she reacted when she saw me glance at her.   If she were walking, she would stumble and then grin from ear to ear.  She was just like a little school girl with a great big crush.  It was silly, but it was very sweet at the same time.  After Donny told her so much crap about me, it took a while before she would react the same way, but she did.

If you want to call me infatuated at this point, you would have to say that I was infatuated with her because she was infatuated with me.  If that is a crime, it is new to me.

I felt so sorry for the things that Donny told her and I missed seeing some of the things Cheryl did that were so sweet, so I decided to try and talk to Cheryl away from her mother, and answer the questions she had asked Donny myself.. 

After we graduated from High School, Cheryl spent a lot of time at the Wells Fargo Bowling Alley.  Every now and then, I'd try to talk to her there.   If she were too busy, I'd just turn and leave immediately after she saw me.  If I had really wanted to follow her home and find out where she had moved to, I could have done that from there, but no, I was in no hurry to clear up things.  Besides, I was still only working part time, and I had to treat her as if I were in her shoes.

I don't remember all the circumstances, but after I took a Skiing trip to Colorado in December of 1976 something changed.  All the sudden, it was as if Cheryl didn't care what she had heard about me and started to grin from ear to ear when she would see me.  As usual, I would still try to leave as soon as she saw me, but she had reverted back to her pre Donny Geiger era where she would grin from ear to ear like a little girl with a big crush.

At the odd times, Beverly would talk to me, so I asked Beverly, if Cheryl was upset with me, why didn't she ever complain about my trying to talk to her at Wells Fargo.  Beverly stated it was because she thought that was "Silly."   Imagine that, I thought Cheryl was silly and Cheryl refers to me as "Silly."

By chance, I found the bar that Cheryl and her 40+ year old boyfriend, named Jim owned.  I tried to talk to her there, but she ignored me.  I said something, then her boyfriend said, "You can leave now."  I said "I plan to" and basically let Cheryl know, I was through trying to talk to her.  Never again did I try to talk to Cheryl at the Wells Fargo Bowling Alley.

Over a year had passed maybe over a year and a half before anything had changed.

Beverly lived next to a busy road and it was easy to tell that Cheryl moved back home.   I felt I had to apologize for my action, so I ended up calling Cheryl and she was nicer to me than she had ever been.  Even told me when her birthday was when I asked her.

She talked about going to a hospital and meeting someone we went to school with, but I never knew what type of hospital it was until later.

On the same phone call, when I asked Cheryl where she worked, she told me Inpro in Rock Island, then she said she thought I knew that.  I said, "No I didn't" and I was a little upset that she thought that, but I didn't let her know that part.

Then Cheryl went on to tell me about a bar she might start work at.   I forget the name of it, but I remember where it is.

I don't remember where this came out or when, but Cheryl told me about a skiing trip she was going on with they guy she met in the hospital.  I think it was in response to when I asked her if she wanted to go skating and she told me why she couldn't make it.

I gave up on those phone calls since it appeared that she had found someone else.

I took the day off of work once and I was just driving around on my motorcycle.  I ended up behind a car with license plates that had the letters CLW on them.  I looked at the car and it sort of looked like Cheryl's car, but I never saw very much of it.

To make a long story short.  I saw Cheryl at a bar that night.   I didn't think she saw me and there were so many guys around her, there was no way I could get near her.

I was just about to leave, then I recognized one of the bar tenders as a person I used to work with.  I talked with him for about 30 minutes and then left.   I was on my motorcycle and getting ready to leave, when Cheryl walked up.

She ended up asking me the same question I've been wanting to answer for, what seemed decades.

We talked for quite some time.  Then a girl walked up and they started talking.  (this part removed in honor of my mother).

Next thing I knew, Cheryl ran inside.  I was about to go after her, then I thought, no way, she's gone again.

I asked the girl she was talking to about her, she said Cheryl would be back, but I didn't believe her, so I drove off.

I thought I gave Cheryl a pretty good answer, to her question, but I found out later, from Beverly, that Beverly made fun of everything I told her.

I don't know why Beverly had to pick on either what I said, or how Cheryl felt about me.  Beverly had a lot of fun ,doing things like that and admitted to it.  Whenever Beverly would do stuff like that, I would think of what she told me a long time ago "Girls grow up faster than guys."  It appeared to me that Beverly has never grown up.

A year or two passed, maybe more then I realized, I forgot to answer one of Cheryl's questions.  I called and had to go through hell with her mother, until I finally said, Cheryl is a big girl, she can talk for herself.  From Cheryl, I got permission to send her something.

After Beverly saw the return address on the envelope, my mother ended up getting two phone calls.  One from Beverly herself and one from Peter Ishibashi of the States Attorneys office.  I had my attorney send Beverly this letter.

In my attempts to talk to Cheryl, I was given so many threats, by Ed Rusk, the step dad, of "Cutting off my Balls", that I decided I'd get my own phone number so Cheryl could call me.

I tried to tell Beverly about the phone number I was going to get.   I went to where she worked at the Courthouse and I explained that I have tried over and over to get an answer from Cheryl if I could call or not and Cheryl never said one way or the other.  I could then see Beverly thinking of some way to change that situation.   Then she belts out that "I harassed her at work."  I said, fine I'll leave, then Beverly said, "No my boss will understand" so we talked a while longer.

Beverly ended up inviting Me and my mother over for Dinner.  I never planned on that, but I realized later, that was the only option I had to put an end to the crap started on a bus, by a 14 year old, many years earlier.

Beverly called me "Infatuated" like she always has.  I said "Is that what you think?"  I thought she settled down a bit after that, but I'd find out that if she wanted to make me look real bad, she would always use the term "Infatuated" to describe me.

Later that evening, I received a phone call from Cheryl and she was crying, telling me to "Stop harassing her Mother at work."  After all the time I spent trying to get an answer out of Cheryl one way or the other, it boiled down Cheryl saying "Stay away from my mother and after just one short visit!"

On the same phone call, where Beverly used a story to get Cheryl to call me, we had this exchange:

Me:     Cheryl, the main reason I showed such an interest in you, was because you showed such an interest in me.
Cheryl: I never gave you a sign.
Me:     Ya, you did.  (Then I proceeded to tell her some of the things I'd noticed).
(after a few other things were said)
Cheryl: I just want someone that can be true.
(I didn't tell her that I have always been true.  That was one of the other things she'd said, that I put on the back burner)

When I told part of the above story to someone else, he laughed and said "Love Triangle."

Before that phone call, Beverly wrote my attorney a letter, but first I want to mention something.  After Cheryl had a breakdown, Cheryl was sweeter to me than she had ever been.  She said stuff like, "My birthday is February 21st, I'm a Pieces and I change my mind.  Remember when I didn't use to talk to you."   Cheryl asked me quite a few questions after that and I didn't always answer them on the same phone call.  When I would finally answer them, I had to use letters because of the extremely ballistic nature of Beverly and Ed Rusk, when I would call to talk to Cheryl.

If it had not been for an Overprotective Mother, Cheryl would not have had a breakdown at all.  After the breakdown, Beverly went more ballistic than ever and even told more lies.   Beverly was trying to make it look like Cheryl's biggest problem was not an over protective mother.  Here is the letter.

From my prospective, Cheryl was upset because of the way her Mom and her Step Dad treated me.

About a month after Beverly wrote the above letter to my attorney, I received this letter, from the States Attorney's office.

I knew Cheryl had nothing to do with the letter from Frank Fuhr, so a month or two after the letter, I sent Cheryl a card.  In the card was a very crude poem, but I thought it put things into prospective.  I think I can recite the poem from memory, since I don't have a copy of it.  (this was an exhibit in court)
The way you looked at me, put me in ecstasy.
The way you walked showed insecurity.
The way you sat showed an interest in me.
The way you talked was contrary.

As for a brief explanation on the above, on a line by line basis.
1.  It wasn't just the look, it was her sweet and silly grin right after looking at me.  It was like she had a crush on me.
2.  I don't want to get into detail on her walk, but others familiar with Kinesics have agreed with me there.
3.  This was referring to 11th grade English class in the second semester, where she copied my sitting positions.
4.  Cheryl never said she cared.  Years later, after Beverly took Cheryl's daughter away from her, Cheryl couldn't even say she cared about her own daughter.   Something was obviously wrong there and I think it was because Beverly had teased Cheryl too much about her emotions.

I am skipping a large section of time here, from May 1983, to early 1989, where I met the guy Cheryl moved in with.  Cheryl moved in with him, before I tried to accept Beverly's invitation to dinner and was charged with "Criminal Trespassing."

This boyfriend was after Jim.   Jim was Cheryl's 40+ year old boyfriend, that Cheryl lived with for 8 years right out of high school.  The story I heard about why Jim kicked Cheryl out, was Jim had an operation so he could not have kids, and yet Cheryl became pregnant.

Arlen, was great to Cheryl and even helped her get her daughter back from Beverly's mother.

When Arlen, met me in person.  He kept saying "You've changed."  I kept saying, "I never was the person they thought I was."

Arlen and I found out we shared a common bond.  We were both in motorcycle accidents.  He told me that part of his face is plastic.  I told him, I was out cold for 4 days.

We talked about Cheryl and Arlen basically gave me permission to try and talk to Cheryl.  He even stated "You can have her."

Arlen bought a Van from me that he kept for years.  An odd thing is, because he just happened to be at the same place I was, with his pick up truck, he helped me transport the engine hoist, that I used, when I replaced the motor on the Van he ended up buying!  We have also had dinner on more than one occasion.

We are still on good terms, His name is in my cell phone and I still call him from time to time.

I would call and talk to Cheryl and she was weird.  Sometimes we could talk for hours and other times, she would just put the phone down.  I couldn't just tell her what I wanted to say, that might have been taken the wrong way.  I had to wait for her to ask again.

I ended up writing Cheryl this letter and taking a copy of it down to the courthouse and made sure Beverly got one.  As a short note, when I mentioned Ridgewood Shopping Center, Cheryl was walking along staring at the store where I worked.  I was walking in from the parking lot.  This made the second time that Cheryl walked by where I worked.

As a side note.  This letter was concealed from the State in a "Telephone Harassment" lawsuit.  John Kinser told me that.  When I asked Beverly about it, in a "Malicious Prosecution" lawsuit, Beverly denied that she withheld evidence.  That was another one of Beverly's many lies that Judge John Telleen fell for.  When I subpoenaed the witnesses to prove that Beverly lied through her teeth, Judge John Telleen let them go before they even testified!  How was I supposed to prove anything, if I could not even get the proper definition of "Probable Cause" used by the courts.

In December 1989, Beverly had one of her friends, at the courthouse send me another letter.   This one is dated December 18, 1989.

Beverly knew that she could not keep me away from her daughter, since Arlen was on my side and Cheryl was living with Arlen.  So Beverly tried to use force to get Cheryl to move back in with her.  If Cheryl lived with Beverly, Beverly that she could easily use the courts against me again but in reality, it didn't matter where Cheryl lived, Beverly would have really had to have Protective Custody to do some of the things she did.

What Beverly did, was tell some story, and it had to be a story, because Cheryl was happy and well provided for by Arlen.  What happened next and right before Christmas 1989, was a Sheriff's Deputy went over to Arlen's house and took custody of Cheryl's daughter Shawna.  That day, Shawna started living with Beverly in her single wide trailer.

I heard from Arlen, that Cheryl was really broken up over this.   Cheryl did not follow Shawna, instead Cheryl took to hiding on the streets and even held up the jury trial for a month while we tried to find her.

Beverly tries to make it look like I upset Cheryl, when Beverly herself has upset Cheryl more than anybody.

Shortly after finding out I was going to court again in January 1990.  It was so crazy, to have Beverly so upset at me for the lies that Donny Geiger told her daughter, that I wrote him two letters.

I realize now, that the "Love Triangle" is not Donny, but Beverly herself that continues to spread the lies.  The funny part being, Beverly can not use the word "Infatuated" against me again and she can not even use the courts against me again, because of how bad I made her look in my last jury trial.

As a side note:  There are numerous things I'd like to add that Cheryl said to me, that indicate she was also fighting her mother,  but I think I've said enough already.

One of the attornies at the Rock Island County Courthouse that helped Beverly Rusk keep a bunch of lies alive was Richard Coppula.  A short article about him, after he was dibared can be found at: http://OverProtectiveMother.com/BadRichard.

Shortly after winning a jury trail against Beverly Rusk while waiting for the transcript to be prepared, I wrote this letter to an ex assisstant States Attorney about it.

Almost 3 months after that I'd end up in court again, but this time I was bringing charges against Beverly Rusk.  Story at: http://BrokenSixthAmendment.Com.